Every Person Has an Inner Genius Sleeping Inside. If You Can Embrace It, You Can Make A Difference.

I will assist you to unleash the inner genius within you and get you to your goals, despite your past failures.

Making a change in your life always starts by developing yourself, and it requires the expertise and guidance of a person who has helped several others. You’d like to work with a dedicated professional, someone who’s been working with numerous business owners, professionals and praised for his real-time results in the self-development field.

Chris' Background


Effective Communication & Confident Communication

As an expert in communication and public speaking, Chris can help you become an eloquent and confident speaker.

Building Confidence & Self-Leadership

As someone who wrote a book rated as one of the classics in helping people overcome their fears of speaking in public,

Developing Self-Esteem, Resiliency, and Mindset Shift

Chris can help you develop your self-esteem, which will make you feel more positive about yourself.

Overcoming Fear of Failure

If you struggle with the same challenges and can't move toward the goals you want to achieve,

Personal & Professional Growth

For more than two decades, Chris continues to develop himself personally and professionally to reach his goal ...

A Life-Changing Keynote Speaking

Invite Chris Aniche as your keynote speaker to create an experience your audience will never forget! As an award-winning empowerment speaker Chris Aniche has spent years of his lifetime empowering, inspiring, and elevating the lives of thousands of people. He’s well-known for his ability to deliver messages in an engaging and unique style that delegates can relate to and remember.
As someone who used to suffer intense fear of speaking in public and a lack of confidence before becoming a qualified lawyer and an award-winning speaker, he has the innate ability to help people achieve the kind of success they think is impossible. With his extraordinary communication skills, his speech is easily understandable and assists people, at any level, and from any background, making a real difference in their lives and workplace.

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