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Chris Aniche

Award Winning Public Speaker, Transformation Coach, Lawyer, Author & CEO Essex Public Speaking Academy

His primary school teacher designated Chris as having ”No Future Ambition” because he was always the last in class. He lacked so much confidence in himself partly because he had a speech impediment which was a source of ridicule from other students and close relatives.

Every Person Has an Inner Genius Sleeping Inside. If You Can Embrace It, You Can Make A Difference.

Would you like to have rock-solid confidence, which allows you to pursue anything you want to achieve in life?

Are you feeling doubtful about your abilities or past failures? Do these doubts keep you awake almost every night?

You may have read a series of motivational books or joined online courses but discovered that they don’t change anything in your life.
If you’ve asked yourself these questions below, please know that you are NOT alone: 

With the support of a mother who firmly believed him, he went through life promising to prove the doubters wrong, which he did spectacularly. However, it was not an easy feat to overcome his earlier challenges and unleashed the genius within. He was able to transform himself from the shy, unrefined, and go- nowhere kid whom the class teacher in Nigeria predicted would not amount to anything significant in future, to a top lawyer in two countries (the United Kingdom and Nigeria).

Chris later qualified as Solicitor Advocate of Supreme of England and went on to attain the prestigious Master Advocate of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, USA. Chris has gone on to win an International Public Speaking Competition and has taught law students, fellow lawyers, coaches, small and large business owners public speaking and personal transformation.

Chris feels it is imperative on all of us to take back control and find our voice. Enough of playing small, and that there is a need to fill ourselves with constructive discontent to go out and make a transformative change to alter our lives trajectory positively.

"I will assist you to unleash the inner genius within you and get you to your goals, despite your past failures." -Chris Aniche 

Who Is Chris Aniche, and Why Should You Listen to Him?
Chris Aniche is a dual-qualified lawyer, coach, an award-winning speaker, and author of “Fearless Public Speaking – How to Become a Confident and Eloquent Communicator,” the CEO of Essex Public Speaking Academy, a speaking and communication expert.
Chris believes that “We all can create the life we want IF we can embrace our inner genius and unleash the incredible giants within us.”
He proves it himself by becoming one of the most sought-after speaking coaches in the country. Although he was no “Golden Child” in school while growing up, his teacher often called him an NFA, meaning “No Future Ambition” because he was so slow in school. All these struggles as a child have made his story truly inspiring.
As someone who experienced intense fear of speaking in public and severe lack of confidence, it took him more than ten years until he could become one of the UK’s finest family Specialist accredited lawyer and an award-winning speaker. He butchered his first and second court appearances that he swore never to get back to court, despite his love for the courtroom. A little over ten years later, he made a breakthrough in his career when he finally discovered his inner voice and awakened his inner genius.

Fast forward to today, he is a specialist family and children lawyer and award-winning coach who is in high demand in the country. Just like Chris transformed himself, you can also make remarkable progress in your self-development process, especially in the public speaking and personal transformation. Regardless of your background, Chris will help you make a breakthrough in your life and career.

He will empower you with the right skills to address your most significant challenges and help you unleash the inner genius within you so that you can bring all your dreams into a living reality.

Chris, Les Brown & Steph Aniche

A Life-Changing Keynote Speaking

Invite Chris Aniche as your keynote speaker to create an experience your audience will never forget! As an award-winning empowerment speaker Chris Aniche has spent years of his lifetime empowering, inspiring, and elevating the lives of thousands of people. He’s well-known for his ability to deliver messages in an engaging and unique style that delegates can relate to and remember.
As someone who used to suffer intense fear of speaking in public and a lack of confidence before becoming a qualified lawyer and an award-winning speaker, he has the innate ability to help people achieve the kind of success they think is impossible. With his extraordinary communication skills, his speech is easily understandable and assists people, at any level, and from any background, making a real difference in their lives and workplace.
Combined with his speaking style that’s both engaging and highly amusing, Chris equips small and large audiences to discover their true essence and break themselves free from their limiting beliefs. His impact allows them to reach their fullest potential, on the day of the conference and long into the future.

Hiring one of the country inspirational speakers will surely make your event motivational, transformational, and catalyze new attitudes and actions that deliver real results. The experience will be more than just a motivational speech; it will be a life-changing experience you and your audience will never forget!

Chris' Background

  • Qualified Life Coach

  • Chris is a dual-qualified lawyer with over 20 years' experience. He holds a master's degree in law, a Barrister & Solicitor Supreme Court of Nigeria

  • Solicitor, Solicitor Advocate of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

  • Master Advocate, National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA), USA.

  • Chris holds a Teachers Training Qualifications from the University of Canterbury and the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, USA.

  • Chris is a Speaker/trainer at Central Law in the United Kingdom.

Combined with his speaking style that’s both engaging and highly amusing, Chris equips small and large audiences to discover their true essence and break themselves free from their limiting beliefs. His impact allows them to reach their fullest potential, on the day of the conference and long into the future.

"More Than Just Motivation – Get What You Need to Achieve Life-Changing Results!"

What Chris delivers in his speech is more than just motivation. He believes that most people do not lack motivation; they have the motive and only lack the inclination, which is the action required to change their circumstances. 
During the keynote speaking, the delegates will experience what is required to control how they respond to the day’s challenges and future opportunities.
When the keynote speaking is over, all the attendees will leave the room with the following benefits that will help them to outperform the level of success they believe is possible:
  • Distinguish your peak performance strategies.

  • Discover how to reproduce your best days consistently.

  • Understand how to boost personal and team success while breaking through obstacles. 

  • Experience how to create the energy to perform under pressure – instantly.

  • Adopt winning behaviour – to inspire yourself and others to act.


  • Winner International Public Speaking Championship.

  • Successful Public Speaking Club Coach

  • Advanced Speaker Gold Award

  • Distinguished Toastmaster in lieu

  • NITA Advocate- USA

  • Children Panel Specialist Accredited Solicitor- Law Society England

  • Specialist Accredited Family Law Solicitor- Law Society England

  • Resolution Accredited Specialist Law- Public and Private Law

  • Resolution Accredited Specialist Law- Domestic Abuse

Work with him on a one to one basis and let him help you tackle any challenges you’re facing right now. If you’d like to achieve self-transformation in the fastest time possible, you can reach out to Chris today and start working with him. 

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